Starteasy specializes in the renting (out) of apartments, villas, family homes and business units. 

We have 15 years of experience in real estate management. Aside from our expertise in real estate management, we also have our own technical service. We can also take care of the administration and fincances on your behalf. 

Technical management

By working with our own technical service, we can react quickly to unexpected problems or complaints. This hands-on method means that we, after your approval, can quickly fix any problem that comes up. Approval will be requested for bills surpassing 250 euro, anything below this will autimatically be approved. 

When needed, we will make contact with the homeowner's association to discuss damage. We try to prevent as much dmg, and therefore costs, as possible.

Administrative management

We will take care of all administrative contact between you and the renter. Invoices and the payment of which, legal rent increases, signing renting agreements, energy costs and all management of these, we will take off your hands.

We will do the first completion/presentation of the object after the commencement of the rent. After cancelling the rent we will check your object for possible damage or other imperfections. By using the deposit we will settle these possible damages. When the rent is cancelled, we will prepare the location for the next renter.

We will also take care of the collection of the rent for you. You do not have to manage any of this. Around the first of the month we will transfer the rent to you, even if we have not recieved the rent yet. If the renter is tardy with his payments, we will make sure it is payed. At least 2 times a month one of our employees will to to your location for a check up. 

Considering our network, built up over the last 15 years, we can vouch for a quick rental agreement to prevent any unwanted vacancy. 

If you would like to hear from our current investors/clients about our management, we will gladly put you through to them. 

Financial management

We take care of timely payments of the rent and service costs. The rent will be autimatically transferred to you on a monthly basis. If the renter does not live up to the agreed rent, we will take care of the exhortation and collection process. These costs will have to be paid by the renter.

If you are also interested in complete management of your real estate, we advise you to contact us.

Other proceedings

We can manage or coordinate the rebuilding/improvement of your location. This only happens at your request. Seeing as we have a lot of experience in project development, we have plenty of contacts and knowlegde about the possibilities. 

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